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How does it work?

You have a technology problem, we'll help you to find a solution.

Whether you're unsure about which system to purchase for your business, want all your employees to be working in an environment where file sharing is easy, or thinking about investing in digital signs, technology consultation and advising with TechBunker will provide friendly advice on steps that need to be taken for your idea to become a reality*.

Technology Consultation and Advising at TechBunker will help you to find a solution to your problem, which meets the criteria that you specify. Our staff are experienced with troubleshooting and problem solving technology queries, so you don't waste money on blindly purchasing hardware or software which may not fulfil your needs, contact TechBunker to gain a further insight to a solution that will be effective. If we can't find you a solution, all you lose is the deposit, there are no further costs.

The Process

The technology consultation and advising at TechBunker follows a simple, linear path. This starts with you submitting a brief. We then look at this brief, confirm the details with you and then provide an estimate of the cost. If you are happy with this, a non-refundable deposit will be paid and then we get to work. Throughout this process we will keep you informed with the progress and you will be able to provide us with feedback on the preliminary findings. Once this has been completed, we will make a recommendation to you.

Should you chose to go with this solution, TechBunker is flexible with how to proceed. You may chose to end the process here and proceed alone, or, you may chose to keep us involved where we can provide you with technical support and training if needed.

At the end of the project, we will submit our final invoice for payment.

To request further information, or to enquire about a project, please contact us.

*Please note: TechBunker Consulting and Advising will not create a bespoke solution for you, we will recommend you a solution that is readily available on the market already and then help you to customise the solution to meet your needs. While our Consulting and Advisory will try to be 100% accurate with their recommendation to you, we accept no responsibility if the solution that you purchase does not meet your intended needs. You purchase the recommended product at your own risk. A recommendation is not a guarantee in any way.

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