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Will Wright
Founder & CEO

Founded in October 2016, I established TechBunker to champion small businesses online. Developing a web presence is key in any market today, but lack of time or technical skills can make this a burden. The older methods of finding information about a business are all but gone. In order to make an impact on customers, the main information point is the internet.

Since 2016 we have helped small and medium businesses build their web presence; with astounding results in most cases. The digital age means that very little is kept from the public eye, thus establishing a good brand image online will allow your business to grow in the way you want. Some of our happy customers have provided us with reviews which can be found on our testimonials page. These are being constantly updated as we help more businesses grow online.

How to Become The
Next Big Thing

With web technology changing constantly, keeping up-to-date with the latest standards and conventions is key. We specialise in getting small businesses online in an effective way and we appreciate that not everyone is confident with technology. As such, our managed website packages are perfect as we do all the technical work on your behalf.

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